8 Crazy Days sale: What's your craziest shoe story?

So, we’re a month into our sale and the bargains just keep coming. This week the wonderful people at Sarenza (yep, that includes me!) have decided that some of our shoes are just too darned pretty to not be snapped up, so for 8 days only we’re offering a FURTHER 20% OFF selected brands including Georgia Rose, Valensi, Carvela, Skechers, Geox and Clarks. You understand that it now makes it impossible not to treat yourself to a pair of our shoes right?!

This deal is so insanely good we’ve called it the 8 Crazy Days sale and as it suggests in the title it is valid for 8 days starting from today.

In honour of the sale, I’m inviting you all to share your crazy shoe stories with me. Do you have any crazy/weird shoe habits? Do you have a crazy/interesting shoe story to tell? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a pair of shoes?

My crazy shoe confession is that I buy really pretty high heels like these beauties in the pic below and just never wear them. This pair were a Christmas present last year and I am yet to wear them on the street. The furthest they have made it to was the living room to take this photo and even then I had to take them off half way through. Crazy? Yes. Embarrassing? Slightly. But I am a sucker for a beautiful pair of shoes and will part with cash just so I have the pleasure of saying they’re mine.

My very pretty, very unworn shoes

If, unlike me you actually DO wear your heels out in public, then here are my top three picks from the 8 crazy days sale:

Gypsy by Carvela, was full price, now 20% off at £114

Fline by Georgia Rose, was 30% off now 44% off and just £24

Martine by Valensi, was 20% off, now 36% off and just £41

The entire 8 Crazy Days sale range includes men’s and kids as well, so click here to see the full collection and for more info on pricing.

Remember, I want to hear all your shoe confessions, the crazier the better!!! ;)




  1. #1 Eleanor:

    My dog chewed up my favourite pair of heels…I don’t know if that’s a crazy shoe story but I was crazy mad afterwards!

  2. #2 Hazel Marie:

    That definately makes it as a crazy shoe story. I don’t know if me and my cat would ever be on speaking terms again if she did that to a pair of my shoes.

  3. #3 Hayley:

    When I was in Australia I saw some beautiful shoes I wanted to buy, but my card was declined. I ran to a phonebox to ring the bank, was told I was overdrawn so I begged for an extension on my overdraft so I could buy those shoes.

  4. #4 Sophie H:

    There was the day I bought 8 pairs of designer (and thus boxed) shoes in a sale – then nearly passed out on the tube home to the extent that a guy felt it necessary to offer me his seat! Or my colleagues would probably raise the 20 or so pairs I store under my desk as I have run out of room at home… The boyfriend would probably love to moan about how, not only is the spare bedroom my dressing room, I have had to resort to storing shoe boxes throughout the flat. Living room, hallway – nowhere is safe! Xx

  5. #5 Justin:

    Im not sure if this makes it as a crazy shoe story but here goes, as a boy in the school yard playing football I used to always catch the sole of my shoe on the ground and end up with shoes that looked like they could talk. Not only embarrassing but I’d have to face the wrath of mum once I got home too!

  6. #6 Hazel:

    @Hayley – Whilst I do not condone getting in trouble with the bank, I totally sympathise with you. I often go without lunch or electricity sometimes just so I can buy a pretty pair of shoes!

  7. #7 Hazel:

    @Sophie H – You are living the dream – an actual walk in shoe closet! Did you nearly pass out on the tube because you were overwhelmed by the amazingness of your new shoes?

  8. #8 Caroline:

    My crazy shoe habit is the red shoe habit – I have more red shoes than any other colour (ok, except black) – so much so that I started Ruby Shoesdays – dedicating Tuesdays to wearing red shoes! I started a Ruby Shoesdays flickr group too, so it seems I’m not alone in my red shoe fetish…

    And don’t worry Hazel – I too buy impossibly high shoes just to look at!

  9. #9 Hazel:

    @Caroline – Yay! I’m not alone!! TELL ME that at least one of your red pairs of shoes is a pair of Ruby slippers?

  10. #10 Caroline:

    Ha! No – I don’t own Ruby slippers, and have just written as much in a blog post scheduled for later this week ABOUT beautiful sparkly Sarenzo shoes!! Funny co-inky-dinK! :)




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