Vintage Shopping Secrets

Traditionally known as the Queens of chic and sophistication, Parisian style is envied across the globe, with brands like Chloé epitomizing the look. However, amongst all the fashion power houses, hidden deep in the windy, narrow streets of the Marais are some vintage shops that are a must visit for any committed shopper.



Coiffeur – 32 Rue de Rosiers, 75004
As full with shoppers as with items, Coiffeur is quite literally overflowing with vintage goodies so you need a bit of patience to dig out the really special pieces. However, there’s a reason that those in the know flock to this vintage mecca. With new stock every week, in line with the latest trends from the catwalk, you can pick up a handbag for 5 €, dresses, skirts and shorts for 10 € and jackets and shoes for 15 €. Also highly recommended is the yummy falafel pittas from ‘L’as du Falafel’ which is just next door!

Vintage Bar- 16 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004
Not one for the shopper on a budget, Vintage Bar stocks designer pieces, with all the big French names putting in an appearance. It is one of the most beautiful shops I have ever been inside, with the jewellery and shoe collections being particularly special. However, don’t expect to find a Chloé bag for a mere 20 €, these designer labels live up to their designer price tags. The owners weren’t keen on me taking a picture but it is worth visiting for a browse at least!



Fripirium- 2 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004
On the same street as Vintage Bar, but with a very different vibe, is Fripirium. A room full of colour, with digital print dresses and sequined jackets standing out for me. It also has a selection of 50’s style swim wear available which looks amazing, although not a look I can pull off myself!

Free 'P' Star

Free 'P' Star

Free ‘P’ Star- 8 Rue Saint Croix de la Brettonerie, 75004

Last up is Free ‘P’ Star. More spacious and less busy than Coiffeur, this is the perfect vintage haunt for the impatient shopper. It has a huge selection of stylish shirts and denim cut offs and although there are many pretty dresses, this is more the vibe for a grungy vintage wearer. Again, prices are really reasonable, expect to pay no more than 20€ for anything in this shop.

Here are a couple of grainy photos of me, awkwardly posing in two of my vintage finds from Coiffeur. The red floral skirt was 10 € and I’ve teamed it with a black vest and some black shoe boots in the style of these from Georgia Rose (now 20% off!) The pastel floral skirt was 5 €(!) and I’ve worn it with a leopard vest and tan chunky  sandals, like these Mellow Yellow Beauties (with a whopping 40% off!)

Vintage skirt from Coiffeur

Vintage skirt from Coiffeur

Vintage skirt from Coiffeur

Vintage skirt from Coiffeur

Other vintage shops worth a visit

Fripes Star
1, Rue de la Verrerie
75004 Paris

76 Rue des Tournelles
75003 Paris

La Belle Epoque
10 Rue de Poitou
75003 Paris


  1. #1 Hazel:

    Poses like a true professional blogger. Love it!

  2. #2 Jennifer Hewitt:

    Wow! Thanks for this blog post it was really informative and has given me some great new ideas!

  3. #3 Anna:

    I’ll be heading out to these next weekend, with a stop for falafels at lunch :)
    Thanks Eleanor

  4. #4 Anneca:

    I’m headed to Fripirium asap
    I’d love some 50′s gear!!

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  6. #5 Hannah:

    Thanks for the insight, will be visting them VERY soon, cant wait! Love the skirts too

  7. #6 Chloe:

    Brilliant article Eleanor! It’s so great to find some vintage shops that are not bland and overpriced. Purchased a great maroon maxi skirt from Coiffeur for 5 euros after reading this!

  8. #7 Eleanor:

    Ah thanks Chloe! I hope to see you wearing your maroon number next time we partaaayy! xxx

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  10. #8 Cleo:

    Great list except the first store on your list, Coiffeur – 32 Rue de Rosiers, 75004 is actually named Vintage Desire :)

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