Perks of the job

*WARNING: this blog may contain content that could leave some readers with massive shoe employee envy*

Working with shoes definitely has its perks. This week, our very generous management team decided to reward all employees with a massive 50% discount, which was valid on up to five pairs of shoes from our ENTIRE range.

Needless to say, we all took advantage. In a serious way.

Arriving with crate loads of shoes this morning, it took our poor delivery guy about five visits to get all of the boxes sent up to the office and just like kids at Christmas, the air was filled with excitement as we impatiently sat there, waiting to be handed our parcels, before ripping apart the boxes and ogling the goodies inside!

Having recently decided to stop spending my grocery budget on clothes and accessories, I restrained myself to just one pair of beautiful pink lace ups from one of our new labels Emma Go.  I have instantly fallen in love with them – so much so that they have their own personal shrine at my desk. (Dedicated blog post coming soon!)

My new Emma Go lace ups: My new loves

My new Emma Go lace ups: My new loves

As everyone’s style is so different, it was interesting to see all the different labels that people picked. All the Sarenza favourites were included like Converse, Georgia Rose and Ash. My new favourite Emma Go has also been quite popular in the office so I’d definitely recommend having a browse!

Anneca with Georgia Rose, Ash and Addidas running shoes!

Anneca with Georgia Rose, Ash and Adidas running shoes!

Nadja beautifully modelling her latest purchases!

Nadja beautifully modelling her latest purchases!

Lourdes went for a mix of shoes including Converse and Valensi

Lourdes went for a mix of shoes including Converse and Valensi

 Our shoe closets have never looked so great, so thanks again to our management for sorting that out for us, you’ve made this bunch of shoe addicts very happy indeed! :)




  1. #1 Eleanor:

    Anneca you look too cute here! Now to see if the running trainers ever leave the box…

  2. #2 Justin:

    @Eleanor – Doesn’t she just! Like a kid at Christmas… Or like an adult that’s just hit the jackpot on a gambling machine and the payout is shoes lol. If you guys ever have another chance at getting 50% off i’m sure Anneca will get her running shoes out the box… so she can get to work quicker! lol

  3. #3 Justin:

    Love them! Could any of you wonderful folks at Sarenza suggest anything remotely similar for men?
    I’ve already accepted that they probably wont be shiny silver and pink and that’s ok :( lol

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