1. #1 Rebecca Tadman:

    Alice is my fashion guru. Whenever I don’t know what to buy or wear today I ask her blog. Brilliant! Keep blogging and helping through my clothing crises!

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  3. #2 victoria:

    Inspirational, my dear, inspirational!

  4. #3 Ed:

    Alice KNOWS hats, owns them even.

  5. #4 amyJ:

    Alice knows where the clothes are at. what to look for, where to find them, when to find them, and how much one should dish out for them. what a find.

  6. #5 Tiffany Brunton:

    love your site, so fun. i voted

  7. #6 Sophie:

    Alice is the most stylish person ever! She looks good in all her pics and the outfit choices are the best. Keep inspiring us all!

  8. #7 nanny141:

    this young lady certainly knows her stuff

  9. #8 sarah wheeler:

    Will have to keep reading from Australia! great Blog

  10. #9 Rebecca:

    Voted (:




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