My Buffalo lovers [Mel's shoes of the week]

Heyyyy guys,

It’s me again :)

So you don’t yet know, but you’ll soon find out. I’ve got a major soft spot for all things high. By high, I mean those all important killer heels which you gotta have to make the boys go weak and the girls go jealous. As you know I’m the International Assistant Buyer, and part of the job is to ‘test’ the shoes… to make sure they are comfortable and fit nicely to ensure that you guys know what you’re buying and hopefully won’t need to return them (even if it’s free)!

So when I went to the warehouse this week I saw what I’ve nicknamed ‘my buffalo lovers’ (but really they’re called Delia by Buffalo), I literally had to try them on (of course for you guys).

buffalo delia and Melissa

Boy oh Boy did I love it. As I stood there (not working :-o ) I dreamt of all the lovely things I could wear with my ‘Buffalo lovers’; an ankle length white ruffle skirt, with a nice lace chemise with a fringe bag; or some hot jeans short and a vest top. The possibilities are endless. Summers coming, woop woop, let’s bring on the colour!

Don’t tell anyone I left the warehouse with them shhhhhhhhhh


  1. #1 millie:

    Nice shoes lovely colour.




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