Boots: Festival season beckons [Angela's choice for Spring 2010 - 5/10]

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Come spring, my thoughts turn to the upcoming festival season. Which ones are on my list? And what will I wear? Although they don’t start until May, a lot of summer boots will sell out, particularly some of the popular welly styles.

These flat boots from Mellow Yellow combine utilitarian straps with a soft liberty-style print: pair with denim shorts or a summer dress and they will be perfect equally on a sunny day or if the rain starts.

Or for something a bit tougher, see the great selection of 8-hole Dr Martens boots. These are a true classic which you’ll have for years to come. I still have a pair of beaten up black Docs I bought more than 10 years ago. They take a while to break in so make sure you start wearing them before the festival.

aigle wellies

As it’s more likely than not to rain during a Brit festival, willies are always a good option. Since 1853, Aigle has made waterproof garments and shoes, including a range of welly boots in many colours. I love the broad range of colours (11!) available in the Chantebelle style or for a budget option, the Malouine short boots are excellent value at less than £30.




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