Geox: Fits better, breath more easily!!

With Geox shoes, more comfort, more air!

With Geox shoes, more comfort, more air!

No longer do your feet have to suffer in the summer heat and the humidity that comes with it. From now on Geox, the celebrated shoes that let your feet breath, brings you comfort and aeration, while still being in fashion. Yes, you’ve read correctly: FASHION! No more is Geox considered the old granny of shoes, or associated with the kind of shoes you’d see on a cartoon character. From now on, from the ficklest of fashion followers to the overbooked mother, passing by the businessman leaving the office: all styles are found with Geox, comfort being the key.

Boots, evening shoes, or even ballet slippers for some; sneakers, town shoes, and trainers for others. Hundreds of models, from the most stylish to the most classic, are available from the original Italian brand.
So let yourself be seduced by the new models of GEOX shoes, on sale at where there’s the widest range of GeoxWomens shoes, Mens shoes, Kids’ shoes: discover them now!

GEOX technology absorbs and eliminates perspiration through the sole thanks to its micro porous structure which doesn’t let water in. This ingenious idea is at the origin of the success of the brand and is the fruit of one man, whom nothing predestined to become one of the world leaders in shoes: Mario Moletti Polegato.

A bit of History
In 1992, Mario Moletti Polegato, originally from Venice, is preparing to take over the family wine producing business. After having flown to the United States to take part in a wine producers’ conference, he goes out on a hike through the Nevada desert. In the heat he suffers from perspiration from his feet. To let his feet breath, he pokes holes in the soles of his shoes. Back in Europe, he registers his first parent: a perforated rubber sole complete with a membrane which lets air through, and keeps water out.
He chooses to call his shoes ‘Geox’: ‘Geo’ for the earth and the ‘x’ to symbolise technology.

Following the success of the brand in Italy, the company is now setting out to conquer Europe, the United States and Asia.  At the moment the Geox brand is number 1 in Italy and third in the global market for town and casual shoes.

With Geox, finally you can breathe!

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